At Teff, we take pride in knowing that all of our spices, which are the pinnacle to the cuisine, are hand-prepared and has found it’s way from the hands of Chef Hadas’ own family in Ethiopia to ours in Connecticut. This guarantees the most authentic taste in every dish we put out.

This is an insight into the very special and unique ingredients that is used to prepare our traditional dishes



A gluten free grain, recently labeled as the world’s newest superfood, teff is indigenous to Eritrea and Ethiopia, though attempted to be replicated in other parts of the world, including America. The grains are grounded into a fine flour which is then fermented for 48+ hours to make a mixture known as “beyhouk”. Made in a crepe-like fashion on a large iron pan known as a “mogogo,” injera is a spongy bread with tiny holes perfect for scooping food. Teff flour is extremely rich in calcium and potassium as well as being ideal for gluten sensitivities.  


The signature red spice that is responsible for serving major flavor to most Eritrean and Ethiopian slow-simmering stews. Berbere is comprised of ground spicy chili peppers mixed with more than 20 additional herbs, spices and ingredients that include fenugreek, ginger, garlic (we love garlic!), coriander and cumin.


Teseme means butter in Tigrinya (one of the many languages of Eritrea and Ethiopia) Teseme, used for creating our culinary dishes, is a clarified spiced butter that requires a day of preparation to perfect. It is made by simmering better with a medley of common ingredients and spices such as onion, garlic, ginger, cardamom, turmeric, etc. After simmering for some time, the remaining solidified butter is strained away leaving a flavor-infused butter which is used to add depth and richness to most dishes.

Shiro (Curry) Powder

Shiro powder is seasoned ground chickpeas used to make a delicious and popular vegan dish known as Shiro (simple, right?). We also use this powder in some of our dishes to provide a more mild flavor.